Guarantee Your Fees Never Change

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Yes, we offer this highly requested service. Our clients love that they can lock in their rates for however many years they choose. It’s simple, easy and a great way to never have your income tax preparation fees increase.
So how does this work? When you are getting your return prepared, in office, virtually or by drop off, let your Accountant know you’re interested in locking in your rate for a few years or more.
The Accountant will then let the office manager know and she/he will invoice you for the prepaid services. You will then pay for the service and it’s all done. This service is guaranteed for the years you’ve picked and then a credit is put on your account with our accounting firm. When you come, drop-off or have your return prepared virtually we will simply subtract your bill from the credit on your account. It’s that simple!

Now, let’s say your income situation has changed and you made more money, bought property or whatever. All of that doesn’t matter because you locked in your rate and we will perform your services at the rate in which you’ve prepaid.
This is a wonderful guarantee to have with your accounting firm who makes sure quality service and value is given to every detail of your return.
Let us know today, we have been guaranteeing this for years for our clients and they love it. Be a new client that loves it today. Subscribe Today!