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Since, we have over 30 years of expert experience we have an array of services that range from full accounting systems set up to training seminars and coaching sessions.  We are sure to have something to fit your needs and your budget.  If you do not see your particular service listed here, please go to our "Contact Page," and send us an email with your request.

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Start Ups

So you are ready to start a business? We are sure you’re excited and scared all at the same time, having mixed feelings and all the like but, no worries, we will make this as painless as possible. We are in the business of assisting creative persons’ like you in manifesting their ideas.

Income Tax Preparation

We provide individual tax preparation with options including; 1040 Return, 1040 w/ Sch. C, 1040 w/Sch. E, and 1040 w/ K1. We also offer business income tax preparation with options including; 1065 (C Corp), 1120 S (S Corp), and 990 Non Profit Tax Exempt.

Budgeting & Business Plans

Creating, monitoring and managing a budget is key to business success. It should help you allocate resources where they are needed, and should not be complicated. You simply need to work out what you are likely to earn and spend in the budget period.

Youth Financial Education

The AWAKE program is an opportunity for a youth to overcome financial barriers. This program gives them the skill set and knowledge they need to become better finance managers.

Non-Profit Start Ups

Having or starting a nonprofit company/organization in itself can be somewhat challenging, especially if you’re missing a few foundational financial pieces. No worries! I am here to help assist with all of those requirements that most Grant Funders look for and also the ones the Internal Revenue Service will request from every tax exempt organization.

Business Coaching

Having someone to talk about your business matters is essential. Who helps you? Who supports your thoughts? Who can you talk too about that third business you’re ready to start? Grow in our one-on-one sessions where we take some of the weight so you can run a little bit faster to completion.

Loan Application

A business loan application can be very complicated due to the nature of the documents the institution may want to retrieve from you. This process can require documents like a business plan, a financial report, a projected financial report and a balance sheet. This is just the basic documentation needed to go along with the application which will also include some of your personal financial documentation as well.


Have you heard of government bidding, contracts or companies working with these types of entities and you wondered how you can get on board? By being certified with one or more of the government division it gives your company the benefit of either doing business with them or some other larger outside company that recognizes your certification.

Training & Seminars

Teaching people how to, is one of our best gifts in a simplistic format. We believe anyone can learn or be trained all that is needed is patience and way of communication in which the person easily comprehends. We cover many topics, click the click below to learn more about the training we offer.

Strategic Plans

Strategic planning in management is the process of documenting and establishing a
direction of your small business—by assessing both where you are and where you’re going. So, what is the purpose of a strategic plan? The strategic business plan gives you a place to record your Mission, Vision, Values, Long-term goals, and Action plans.

Accounting Services

When understanding accounting services in simple terms it’s all the financial data, analysis and structure that goes into a financially sound business. Sometimes when a business is first set up, these protocols are sorely missed and the owner finds themselves in tax debt, financial data overload and unable to function as a complete business due to their books not being in order. By having me on your team from the beginning we can negate this but, if you missed that boat, this one just arrived, so climb aboard.

Payroll Services

Preparing for payroll can be tedious at time and this is why we recommend this service be outsourced. We know that federal withholding; along with state and local taxes can make a job very difficult but, with the right help it can be a breeze. Our payroll services consist of some key features that will extend the best services to your employees and contractors.


A tax company from our community, for our community!

We were created from a community outcry of hurt and robbery. Income taxpayers were simply tired of high fees; bias services and no respect. We felt it was high time to give every community a tax service which fits them and understand their needs.

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